JCL gets approval to supply over 10000 tons test sample Lithium pegmatite rock to Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co. Ltd.

Chairman, Joerno Conceptions Limited, Chairman, Xiamen Zhendaqian, Directors and Staff of Xiamen Xiangyu Co. Ltd at a dinner in Abuja after sign-off deal to supply over 10000 tons of Lithium. Jan 17, 2024.

In a future defining development for Nigeria’s energy sector, Joerno Conceptions Ltd has joined forces with the renowned Xiamen Zhendaqian Industrial Co. The synergy has given birth to the Joerno–Zhengdaqian Energy Group Ltd., a joint venture poised to spearhead a full value chain of lithium business activities within the nation.

This strategic alliance merges Joerno Conceptions’ local expertise with Xiamen Lithium’s global leadership in lithium-ion battery technology. The venture promises to harness Nigeria’s rich lithium reserves, aligning with the country’s vision to become a pivotal player in the global energy market.

The Joerno–Zhengdaqian Energy Group Ltd. is set to ignite a new era of innovation, capacity development, job creation, and sustainable development. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and technological advancement, this partnership is more than a business operation; it is a leap towards a greener, more prosperous future for all.