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Mining Overview

We aim to develop a value chain in the mining business.

Joerno is in partnership with Xiamen Zhengdaqian Industry Co., Ltd and Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co., Ltd. (No. 143 on Fortune 500) to develop a full value chain lithium mining business. The operation of this alliance covers securing of mining sites, mining and exportation and building of factories.

Chairman Joerno on courtesy visit to the Director General of Nigeria Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) with Foreign partners from Xiamen Xiangyu Group., Ltd. China (2023)
The Chairman is presented with the Geological and Mineral Resource map Album by the Director General of Nigeria Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) (2023)
Chairman, MD with foreign partners and some staff (2023)
A director from the Federal Ministry of Solid Mineral in an interactive and orientation session with our foreign partners at the boardroom of Joerno's Corporate Head Office
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Through our collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals, the Nigeria Geological Survey Agency (, Nigeria Mining Cadastral Office (, We have been able to secure some mining sites with appropriate exploration licenses with active mining and exportation activities going on.

Bags of lithium ore being examined by partners of Joerno (2023)

Between February and September, 2023, we have exported over 5,000 (Five Thousand) tons of Lithium Ore to China.

Also, through the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, we have been able to pool a bank of exploration and mining licenses, which we currently have on offer to prospective investors in the industry.

Certificates & Titles

As a company we possess

1. Certificate of Mineral Buying Center:

A mineral buying center serves as a hub for purchasing and processing minerals from various sources.

Activities Involved:

  • Mineral Procurement: Acquire minerals from miners, local communities, or other suppliers.
  • Quality Assessment: Evaluate the quality, grade, and authenticity of the minerals.
  • Pricing and Negotiation: Determine fair prices based on market rates and negotiate with sellers.
  • Documentation: Maintain accurate records of transactions, including mineral types, quantities, and origin.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Arrange for transportation to processing facilities or buyers.
  • Environmental Compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental regulations during handling and storage.

2. Exploration/ SSML/ML Titles:

Our exploration licenses span 500 Cadastral Units, which translates to approximately 10,125 hectares. This license grants you the right to explore and assess mineral resources within the specified area.

 Activities Allowed:

  • Conduct geological surveys to identify potential mineral deposits.
  • Perform geophysical studies to detect subsurface anomalies.
  • Collect core samples through drilling and sampling.
  • Analyze soil and rock samples for mineral content.
  • Use remote sensing techniques (such as satellite imagery) to gather data.

3. License to Possess or Purchase Minerals:

This license allows your company to legally possess and acquire minerals.

Activities Allowed:

  • Mineral Acquisition: You can purchase or possess minerals extracted from your own mining operations or from other sources.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulations related to mineral possession and trading.
  • Quality Control: Verify that the acquired minerals meet industry standards.
  • Market Participation: Participate in mineral trading and supply chains

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