JCL Meets Nigerian Sugar Development Council.

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Joerno Conceptions Ltd. discusses plans to build The China-Nigeria Sugar Industrial hubs across 6 zones in Nigeria with the National Sugar Development Council

The Chairman JCL (upper right) & his partner Mr Ning (Lower right) in a zoom meeting with NSDC (lower left) and the Sugar Corporation (upper left) over the establishment of the China-Nigeria Sugar Industrial hub.

Joerno Conceptions Ltd. Engages with the National Sugar Development Council

On the 17th of November, 2023, Joerno Conceptions Ltd. had a significant engagement with the National Sugar Development Council (NSDC) at their Abuja headquarters. The Chairman of Joerno Conceptions Ltd., Engr. Young Eric, led the presentation.


The engagement aimed to introduce a project that Joerno Conceptions Ltd. is planning to execute. The presentation served as a platform to showcase the company’s journey, its activities, and its partnerships in China

Project Details

Engr. Eric provided an in-depth overview of the project, including its aims and objectives, the joint venture companies involved, and Joerno Conceptions’ strategic objectives. He also discussed the expected collaborators, the projected number of industrial zones for the project, and the estimated number of direct employments the project will yield upon execution.

Insights into the Project

The presentation included videos showcasing interactions with Chinese counterparts, providing insights into the capacity of the sugar plant project. Engr. Eric outlined the contributions of Joerno Conceptions Ltd. and its Chinese partners, and the significance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Conclusion and Next Steps

The engagement concluded with a positive note from the NSDC. Following the presentation, Joerno Conceptions and its partners were tasked with conducting a background check on the project, consulting the Deputy Secretary for guidance, and engaging with the communities in question for the project before re-engaging the council.

This engagement served as an excellent platform for Joerno Conceptions Ltd. to showcase its capabilities and explore potential collaboration opportunities with NSDC. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture!